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For the Whole of Their Life.

Meet the Principal

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A Warm Welcome to the St Philip's Teaching School

Teaching is noble profession, and I encourage you to pursue the calling God has placed on your life to influence the next generation.

In partnership with Alphacrucis University College, the St Philip's Teaching School offers a uniquely better teacher training model that is Christ-centred and practical. The apprenticeship model of teacher formation introduces trainees to the craft of teaching within the context of Christian schools. We seek interest from people who love Jesus, love learning and love children, with a passion for drawing on their faith journey and understanding God's Word to inform their teaching. From day one, we offer school-based training in Christ-centred learning communities where trainees are equipped to be classroom-ready Christian educators. It takes a village to raise a teacher, and the role of dedicated Mentor Teachers plays a significant part in the formation of teachers. Trainee teachers are challenged to reflect deeply on how a Christian worldview transforms classroom practice to reflect the truth of God's Word. Shaped and supported by exemplar practitioners and leaders, trainees engage in an immersive training experience to become confident classroom-ready Christian educators by the completion of their degree. At the St Philip's Teaching School, we seek to train authentic Christian teachers who are equipped to invite, inform and inspire young people on their journey of knowing and deepening their faith in Jesus. As you follow your God-given calling in the noble profession of teaching, I pray that you will grow in your personal relationship with Jesus, discover who you are as a teacher, and shape the next generation of world changers and influencers for the Kingdom of God.

Be on guard. Remain strong in your faith. Be brave. Be loving in everything that you do — 1 Corinthians 16:13-14

Samantha Van de Mortel
St Philip's Teaching School Principal