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Master of Teaching (Secondary)

Course Description

Do you have a strong connection with the youth in your church? Are you passionate about working with young people as they strive to achieve their dreams? The Master of Teaching (Secondary) program is designed for individuals who aspire to become teachers or those looking to change careers, and who already hold a degree. It is specifically tailored to prepare you for teaching positions in both Independent and Public Secondary Schools. This comprehensive and fully accredited course provides a solid foundation in pedagogy and offers valuable professional experience. Additionally, it allows you to explore areas of special interest through elective components.

Through independent action research conducted during the program, you will develop the skills needed to engage in ongoing research in your workplace, thereby enhancing your teaching abilities and making meaningful contributions to the field. In addition to fostering critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and communication skills, the program equips you with advanced knowledge in secondary educational theory and specialized curriculum areas, ensuring you are well-prepared for classroom teaching.

Program Learning Outcomes
Knowledge - Demonstrated:
  • Advanced and integrated understanding of key issues, practices and recent developments in secondary teaching within the chosen Key Learning Areas (KLAs): Creative Arts, English, Human Society and Its Environment, Languages, Mathematics, Personal Development, Health and Physical Education, Science and Technology
  • In-depth understanding of general research principles and methods, and advanced knowledge of specific research approaches used in secondary teaching within the chosen discipline areas
  • Advanced and integrated understanding regarding the planning, implementation, assessment and reporting of pedagogically sound learning activities consistent with a Christian worldview and appropriate to the demands of the teaching context
Skills - Demonstrated Ability to:
  • Evaluate, synthesise and critically engage the theoretical knowledge regarding the stages of development in physical, cognitive, social/emotional and spiritual growth in adolescents and apply it to diagnosis and teaching strategies for progression of students
  • Critically analyse and synthesise various pedagogical approaches with differing ideologies and develop skills and strategies (including technology) to enhance the quality of learning for all students, including those from marginalised communities
  • Design and implement an action research project which examines a complex problem or issue using appropriate methodologies and theories from the discipline area
  • Communicate effectively complex ideas and proposed solutions to peers and general audiences in diverse contexts
  • Identify and critically evaluate new developments of research and scholarship in secondary teaching within the chosen discipline areas
Application of Skills and Knowledge — Demonstrated Ability to:
  • Articulate new questions or issues and apply the knowledge and skill developed in secondary teaching, within the chosen discipline areas, to develop appropriate solutions
  • Comply with professional codes of ethics and regulations which impact on the ability to work with children and keep abreast of changes in the legislation and practice applicable to the specific teaching context
  • Work independently, responsibly and with the level of professionalism expected of an expert in secondary teaching
  • Develop and design a wide range of units of work within their chosen specialisation at Stage 4 (Y7/8), Stage 5 (Y9/10) and Stage 6 (Y11/12)
  • Design and implement a major action research project in the discipline area of secondary teaching to advance personal and professional development, in order to thrive in educational contexts
AQF LevelLevel 9 Masters Degree
Mode of DeliveryBlended
  • Australian Students - 2 years full-time or part-time equivalent
  • International Students - 2 years full-time
Term TypeSemesters
FeesPlease see Alphacrucis Fee Page
Scholarships are available through the Teaching School
Relevant University Rules and Policies
CRICOS Code089242B
Applicants Information
Applicants with Recent Secondary Education (within the past 2 years)

This course of study requires the completion of a higher education qualification by an authorised institution. Applicants with recent high school education only are not eligible for direct entry into this course.

Applicants with Vocational Education and Training (VET) Study

This course of study requires the completion of a higher education qualification by an authorised institution. Applicants with a Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification only are not eligible for direct entry into this course.

Applicants with Higher Education Study

Applicants whose highest level of study enrolment since leaving secondary education is a higher education qualification must demonstrate the completion of an AQF Level 7 Bachelor degree (or higher) by an authorised institution for admission into this course. Applicants' previous undergraduate or postgraduate studies must meet the required prerequisites for their intended curriculum specialisations.

Applicants with Work and Life Experience

This course of study requires the completion of a higher education qualification by an authorised institution. Applicants who have not completed formal higher education study are not eligible for direct entry into this course.

Minimum English Language Proficiency RequirementsAll applicants must demonstrate that they meet the University's English proficiency requirement
Credit TransferAvailable upon application
Academic Requirements for Program Completion - Total Credit Points Required160 credit points
Program Duration2 years full-time or part-time equivalent up to 4 years maximum
International students studying this program on campus are required to enrol full-time to comply with their student visa requirements and complete their study in the standard minimum program duration
Program Requirements

The course structure is based on four semesters (each of 12 weeks duration, plus an exam week), with four subjects taught in each semester. It compromises:

  • 70 cp from Education
  • 40 cp from Curriculum Studies
  • 10 cp from Christian Studies
  • 10 cp from Electives
  • 10 cp from Research
  • 20 cp from Professional Experience

To qualify for award of the degree of Master of Teaching (Secondary) a candidate shall complete at least 160 credit points, including satisfactory completion of the core subjects.

For more information and to receive your free course guide, make sure to visit the Alphacrucis Master of Teaching Secondary page.