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The St Philip's Teaching School was formed to train and equip Christian educators to excel in all teaching areas. Centred around our Core Value of 'Christ First', the Teaching School exists to develop excellent teachers who display Jesus in all they do. In collaboration with a Christian tertiary provider, the Teaching School provides teacher education within the classroom, allowing trainee teachers to apply their learning immediately. We aim to develop high-quality Christian teachers who will carry the mission of Christian Education well into the future.


The St Philip's Teaching School is only possible given the multi-school campuses; however, the involvement of Affiliated Schools with the Teaching School ensures that single Christian schools are not limited in their ability to train excellent Christian teachers. It is the heart of the St Philip's Christian Education Foundation to ensure that other Christian schools are supported in finding and training quality Christian educators.

Leading the way in an innovative approach to initial teacher education, the Teaching School provides consultancy services to assist schools in planning, establishing and developing a Christ-centred Teaching School. Our specialised team of professionals provide support, informative advice and guidance to school boards, leadership teams and staff.


By way of background, we see three to four kinds of support we can offer to Teaching School Hubs, they are:

  • The Mosaic online platform
  • The Curriculum subscription with resources
  • The rest of our IP and assets
  • Direct staff consultancy time

We offer these resources at full publishable quality, editable and for the Teaching School and their member schools to use, edit and rebrand at their discretion. We will also meet with you to walk you through the resources.