St Phillips Day01 1276

For the Whole of Their Life.


As a community we are strongly committed to using technology within the classroom. As technology develops, so too does the application for its use within the classroom. Every Middle School student has an Apple Macbook that they are able to take home with them each night. Each learning space in Middle School has an interactive whiteboard and offers a wireless network connection. All students have their own log on and email account. Students are regularly active in using the large number of digital and video cameras we have for student use within Middle School. Further to this we have a vast range of Robotics equipment that will allow students to design and program robots using a range of skills. The College has video conferencing facilities available for student study and online interactive excursions. Classes use wikis, blogs and other interactive sites as part of the classroom environment. The key premise upon the use and development of technology is that technology needs to be harnessed as a tool to unlock new horizons for learning.