For the Whole of Their Life.


St Philip’s Christian College Port Stephens, sees student and staff wellbeing as one of the most important aspects to a successful school. A base of pastoral care and academic rigour make for the right foundation to build upon.

Within the area of wellbeing, we have two major directions: Proactive and Reactive.

The proactive arm involves a K to 12 plan, delivered by our staff and external providers at specific times. It includes reducing stigma, presenting on a long list of topics, posters, staff training, student voice and training students to know how to respond to their friends when they see something going wrong. Our strongest message for our students and staff is to “Reach Out”.

The reactive arm involves an amazing Wellbeing Team, who are available 5 days a week, to support, encourage, refer to professional help, make pastoral and safety plans and generally advocate on behalf of the student with staff, parents and students.

A friendly, safe school, with students and staff that really care for each other and who look out for each other make the kind of school environment that people want to come to. To be well physically, mentally and spiritually will help you tackle everything that life can throw at you – and life can get pretty tough sometimes.

There are so many aspects to wellbeing, such as diet, sleep, exercise, gratitude, play, resilience and being connected to friends. St Philip’s staff understand that if we pour our efforts into establishing and maintaining excellent pastoral care, that the flow on effects are beneficial to every other area of school life.

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