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Young ICT Explorers Competition

Posted 19th February 2021
By mandy eggins

Flynt Youg Lachlan Orton

We are immensely proud to announce that Flynt Young (Year 12) has won the Year 11 and 12 section of the Young ICT Explorers Competition and was selected to attend the National Computer Summer School at Sydney University. Lachlan Orton (Year 12) has placed 3rd!

Flynt created an Electronic Compost Management System (ECMS). ECMS is an electronic composter which monitors and evaluates compost within it. Using a raspberry pi and load sensors, ECMS can weigh and graph the amount of compost within the bin over a short or long period of time. ECMS can also show generated amounts of gasses such as nitrogen being produced when waste product is being composted. The data is able to be viewed on any device and can be accessed without needing to be near the ECMS. There is also an option for users to get text messages when certain events happen such as an “10% monthly increase in composting matter.” The main goal of the ECMS is to help people who are composting know their progress and waste, and to incentivise them to continue to do so to create a more sustainable environment.

Lachlan developed Project Road Runner. This is a car game created using the Unity 2019 game engine which has attempted to recreate the experience of the old Flash game ‘Alias Runner’. The map and gameplay have much been inspired by this and recreated into a modern game. The game features you (the player) being chased down by The Mafia, cars which are controlled by artificial intelligence (AI). You must escape the city to get out of The Mafia’s grasp. Be watchful over your car’s health and fuel levels though, otherwise it may be the end…

Young ICT Explorers (YICTE) is a non-profit competition, created by SAP, supported by CSIRO Digital Careers and The Smith Family with the help of Industry and University partners across Australia, to encourage primary and high school students in years 3-12 in Australia and New Zealand to solve real-world problems or showcase their passions using technology. That could be anything from creating better ways to recycle, to supporting people with disability; from creating virtual reality worlds, to building entire operating systems and robots from the future –students can use their imagination and their interest in the world around them to create projects, we want students excited about working with technology.

Our students have been greatly rewarded for their dedication and commitment with these amazing results. This is a wonderful accolade for both the students and their teacher, Mrs Jodi Phipps.

Flynt Young Composting System
Flynt Young Lachlan Orton 1
Lachlan Orton Project Road Runner

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