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Senior School News - Week 4, Term 4 2019

Posted 7th November 2019
By mandy eggins

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Stage 5 Istem is about exploring new technologies and applying them. Year 9 students worked through a series of exercises with programmable electronics to develop skills to automate projects. Year 10 completed projects this year that were varied and included:

  • A novelty phone glove that allows you to talk into your pinky and listen from your thumb from Hanna Burchell, Samantha Craven and Charlie Costello.
  • An infrared virtual reality to allows you to see with an infrared torch from Joseph Kim and Ben Serret.
  • A remote-control submarine (self-explanatory) Jack Schmidt, Jaden Wendell and Alex Gray.
  • Programmable vehicle from Flynt Young and Luke Payne.
  • Remote control aeroplane from Corbin Smithson.

Well done to these students and others for using your creativity and tenacity to get these to completion.

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