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Middle School News - Week 2, Term 4 2019

Posted 25th October 2019
By mandy eggins

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Welcome to Term Four, the busiest (but often the most fun) term of them all. There are so many fun events and celebrations as we tie up the school year, with just some small obstacles like assessments, tests and reports in the way!

This week in Middle School hair went flying as students and teachers shed their locks in support of Breast Cancer awareness. Year six student, Jasmine Crowe, initiated this event to support her Aunt's journey with Breast Cancer. Jasmine cut off 35cm of her hair to donate it to The Variety Foundation to be made into a wig. A number of other staff and students supported this event by shaving their heads or donating money to the cause. We are immensely proud of Jasmine, Jack Denahy, Lucinda Lethbridge, Jesse Langius, Mrs Balsarini and Miss Carter. If you would like to support this fundraiser please visit the Go Fund Me link below. The students at school alone raised $850, while Jasmine has raised almost $1600 on her ‘Go Fund Me’ page.…

In the final week of Term Three we had a number of events that were fantastic. Firstly, I’d like to mention MADD Night. I’m so proud of how the Creative Arts are being so well represented in our College by our students. Every year I’m amazed at the skills and talents of our middle schoolers, some of which I have no idea about until they perform at MADD Night. Congratulations again to our performers for being brave enough to dance, sing, read poetry, act and play a musical instrument in front of our community. Well done!

On Wednesday 25 September, the Year Eight students enjoyed celebrating ‘German Day’. Mr Dobos has been such a blessing in bringing the German language to St Philip’s in such a creative and fun way this year. German Day was no exception with special station activities, games and of course a huge German lunch of sausage, sauerkraut and Black Forest cake. Thank you to Mr Dobos and the other staff for making this a memorable day for the students.

The following day, students from Years Five, Six and Seven went to Belmont Christian College to learn how to become a ‘FIT’ Trainer. FIT stands for ‘Followers in Training’ and the students learnt what it takes to become a great leader of other kids when it comes to discipleship of the Christian Faith. It is linked to the Crusaders (Cru) Group program that is run in our College every Thursday lunchtime. The staff are so glad that we have so many students wanting to be leaders in their faith within the school environment.

The staff and students are all looking forward to events such as Year Eight Graduation, Celebrate, the MS Awards Ceremony and of course Beach Day. We’ll keep you informed about all the exciting things coming up closer to the dates.


Glen Urane
Head of Middle School

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