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Junior School News - Week 4, Term 4 2019

Posted 7th November 2019
By mandy eggins

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The end of the year is approaching incredibly quickly. The children still have much to do, learn and practise before our last school day together.

As many of you are already aware, next year will usher in many changes, not only in Junior School, but across the whole school. Change is inevitable and can be a little uncomfortable, but I’ve spoken about some of these elements in previous newsletters.

One change not yet highlighted, but one I’d really like to speak about in this newsletter is the new process and plan we have for Year Four student leaders from 2020.

We have been encouraged in recent times, to revisit our current model and processes for Junior School captains. To do justice to this review, a group of Junior School staff have spent considerable time delving into what student leadership looks like from other perspectives. We’ve investigated the processes used by our other SPCC Junior School campuses and we’ve spoken with school counsellors and child psychologists to assist us in our plans.

Beginning next week, we will be launching our new captains and student leadership program.

The essential aspects are as follows;

  • Two Junior School captains will be selected this term to serve and lead all of next year.
  • Six Year 4 student leaders will be selected in term 1 next year, to lead and serve with the Junior School Captains for the remainder of the year.
  • All selected students will be part of a leadership group who work alongside the Head of Junior School, the Junior School executive and the stage 2 teachers.
  • The roles of the student leadership group will be outlined clearly with all of the students prior to the process beginning.
  • Our goal in changing our Year Four leadership program is to make the selection process less stressful and the roles more specific and intentional.
  • We’ve spent many, many hours discussing, investigating and developing this model and we’re all very excited about the benefits it will create for our students.

All students need opportunities to lead and this is done as often as possible through many avenues in Junior School. Our desire with this new program though, is to provide specific leadership mentoring for our Junior School student leaders who are role models in every aspect of their schooling. This helps set the cultural tone for our Junior School.

The responsibilities of this leadership group would include:

  • Participating in the decision-making process on issues related to Junior School
  • Praying regularly for the Junior School
  • Assisting in organizing and running fundraising activities
  • Helping to promote and write regularly to our Junior School sponsor children
  • Assisting in organising, setting up and running assemblies
  • Representing the Junior School at official functions and various events
  • Taking turns in greeting JS students and families as they arrive for school and chapel
  • Undertaking leadership responsibilities as they arise
  • Meeting twice a term with the HOJS to discuss current Junior School issues

We will begin this new process in the coming days by spending time discussing and preparing our current students for the first steps in selecting JS captains for 2020.

We look forward to launching this new leadership initiative with our staff and children.

Have a great weekend,
Mr Allen
Head of Junior School

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