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Junior School News - Week 2, Term 4 2019

Posted 24th October 2019
By mandy eggins

Boys Soccer 1

I need to go back to term three for a bit this newsletter. Term four will fill up quickly enough, but welcome to this our last term anyway.

The end of term three was extremely busy, but I want to highlight a few activities where our children excelled.

These students attended CIS Athletics at Homebush. Tamiana Fatiaki, Konrad Fatiaki, Julian Fatiaki, Lachlan Parker, Melody Tibbs, Amelia Cashen, Monique Shipton, Ruby Pickette and Josie Waide. That’s why it’s such an amazing achievement. It’s a huge team from one school at such a ‘high level’ carnival. Some of these students had multiple events.

The very next day, we had a number of these students back up in a Local Primary School Gala Football day.

Our division B boys team was: Tamiana, Konrad and Julian Fatiaki, Archie Quinn, Elijah Brown, William Harasti, Luka Gutsulyak, Thomas Ugaz-Gaval, Max Lilly, Amos Marshall, Oliver Shaw and Orlando Labra-Knox. Our Division B girls team was: Sarah Patmore, Grace East, Monique Shipton, Lara Budd, Chloe Shaw, Sophie Field, Ally Commins, Amelia Cashen, Beatrix Buckley, Sophie Davis, Hannah Allgood and Ruby Pickette.

This was the very first time Junior School had entered an all girl team and what a result! They were ranked 1st after the pool games and ended up Runner’s Up at their first Gala Day.

Our boys also excelled and took out the Division B Shield.

I must make a note here – Archie Quinn was to attend CIS in the boys relay team, but boke his foot days prior to the event and Lachlan Parker was to attend the Soccer Gala Day, but broke his foot days prior to that event. Yes, they were devasted and no, Mr A wasn’t responsible for either break. Just sayin’!!!

Late last term we also began auditions for our 2020 Primary Musical, ‘Beauty and the Beast’. We had over 90 students auditioning for 20 parts.

Mrs Serret was finalising the HRIS Chess team as well. Junior School is a very busy place.

We’re extremely proud of all our students and we strive all the time, to provide our children with activities that broaden their life experiences and show them that God has a BIG plan for them all, no matter what their strengths are.

Have a great weekend,

Mr A
Head of Junior School

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