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Junior School News - Week 2,Term 1 2020

Posted 6th February 2020
By mandy eggins


Treasure more precious than socks!

I have had the pleasure of meeting many of our wonderful St Philip’s families so far this term and I look forward to getting to know you all as the year unfolds. Many of you know a little about me already or perhaps your children have mentioned a few features. If so, you’ll know it’s Dalleywater by name and by nature! Diana and I love being ON the water (we’re sailors), IN the water (we enjoy swimming and snorkelling) and UNDER the water (we are scuba divers). You may also have gathered that I have a perverse fashion sense with socks: they always match, but usually not for colour (the ones I’m wearing as I type this newsletter match for ladybirds!).

My hope is that in time you will also come to know more of my heart. What do I care about? What are my passions in learning and in life? Plenty, is the short answer – but perhaps right at the top of the list is my driving desire that all members of the St Philip’s community discover treasure. Not any old treasure. I’m not talking buried pirate chests here! No, I’m referring to the priceless treasure of knowing the Living God and being in relationship with Him through the saving work of his son Jesus.

I enjoy pleasure: sailing, swimming, scuba diving … socks! I love spending time with family and friends. I love travel. I love exploring this amazing planet God has created: its people, places and all living things. And I love leading schools (this is now my 31st year of expressing that love!).

But all this pales into insignificance compared to the hope, joy, peace and purpose that come from knowing Jesus and serving Him.

In his quest for significance and meaning, the Teacher (Solomon) featured in the book of Ecclesiastes immerses himself in the pursuit of pleasure. He enjoys wine, women and song; he seeks satisfaction through ambitious building projects; and, in his pursuit of knowledge, he becomes legendary for his great wisdom. Ultimately, though, he finds that his life still feels empty: “everything was meaningless,” “chasing after the wind” and “nothing was gained” are some of his comments. However, he does recognise that wisdom has some value – but he lived many centuries before the coming of the Lord Jesus, who is the embodiment of wisdom, so could not experience this completely. By contrast, we have the privilege of knowing that true wisdom is founded on fear (deep respect) of the Lord, which should always lead us to “seek first his kingdom and his righteousness” (Matt. 6:33).

Are you still chasing for meaning? Are you looking for purpose and lasting satisfaction? To invest our fleeting lives “under the sun” with eternal significance, we must set our gaze beyond pleasures, possessions, positions, power or personal aggrandisement and fix our eyes firmly upon the Son.

My deepest desire for all at St Philip’s is that we will all delight in discovering the greatest treasure of all … the Lord Jesus. Immeasurably more precious than socks!

Mr Keith Dalleywater
Head of Junior School

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