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Director Of Studies News - Week 4, Term 1 2020

Posted 20th February 2020
By mandy eggins

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Home study space

There will be times when you will need to do some schoolwork at home. How can you best set up a space to make the most of your time?

What works well, depends on your year level, family structure and the space available. Give some consideration to the following points. More details here

  • Quiet and distraction free – at least for the time you will use it
  • Ergonomic set up – absolutely critical for good posture and health
  • Good lighting and well ventilated
  • Clear workspace with storage space

Homework expectations

Approximate timeframes to be allocated to homework (including assignments) for a typical student. Please note that we do not generally place homework expectations on children in Year 4 and younger. Participating in family activities and reading bedtime stories together is sufficient.

Stage 3 (Years 5 & 6) - 45 minutes per night

Stage 4 - 60 minutes per night

Stage 5 - 1 hour per subject per week

Stage 6 - 2 hours per subject per week

Throughout the year, there will be busier times, family commitments or illnesses that will affect homework time. Parents are encouraged to contact teachers or year coordinators if their child is unable to complete homework tasks (or seems not to have enough!). More information in the College diary on page 15.

Assessment Tasks

Please note that Student Guides containing information about assessment task schedules and expectations surrounding these, as they relate to students from Year 7-12 have been emailed to parents and students over the last week or so. Please confirm that you have received this – otherwise contact Mrs Hennessy, Mrs McColl or myself.

Peter Freeman
Director of Studies

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