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Director of Studies News - Week 7, Term 4 2019

Posted 28th November 2019
By mandy eggins

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Academic Reports

A mainstay of the end of every semester is the school report. These will be available either via Parent Lounge, can be picked up or will be sent home (depending on your child’s year group) for parents/carers of all students Week 8.

I want to encourage parents and students to read through these together. Consider:

  • achievements noted
  • progress made
  • areas of success and
  • elements requiring further development

Try to look for broad patterns and trends from previous reports. There are usually recommendations for next semester/year included in the teachers’ comments. Talk together about how these can be implemented in 2020. (Note that Year 11 students will not receive a report this term.)

Resting Well

As this is the last newsletter of the year, I want to encourage all students to make the most of their break from lessons. Encourage your child to have a genuine break from the regular school routine to recharge their (and your) batteries.

Some suggestions:

  • go to the beach
  • read a book
  • gaze at a view
  • walk your dog or someone else’s
  • visit a friend

Changing the pattern of activity of the everyday allows our minds to imagine, wonder and rest. Avoid long hours of screen time and make time to spend with family and friends.

Year 11 students, give yourself a break, but also allocate time to make some progress on your studies – develop ideas and plans for major HSC projects, revise your work so far, and try to make some progress on the tasks that are due early in the new year.

Whatever activities you choose, be deliberate in planning these to break the routine and recharge the mind.

Have a blessed Christmas and a happy and safe New Year as we look forward to another exciting year of learning in 2020!

Peter Freeman
Director of Studies

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