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The College Uniform Shop provides a range of uniform items to students and their families. All elements of the College uniform are sold through the shop along with some accessories including shoes, backpacks, hats, hair bands, USBs and calculators. We now stock a  large range of 'Roc' school shoes and sport shoes and they are available all year round.

These shoes are black leather, have a multi-fit system, excellent quality and comfort and are in line with the school uniform policy.

Uniform Shop Location  

11 Bridge Street, Waratah (next door to Middle School, across the laneway)

Uniform Shop Contact 

Phone 49606699 or email

Uniform Shop Co-ordinator: Bridget Spratt

SPCC Uniform Shops Area Manager 
Alison Gill

SPCC Uniform Shops Assistant Area Manager 
Josh Howlett

Opening Hours (school terms) 

Mondays: 8am - 11am 
Tuesdays: 8am - 11am 
Thursdays: 1pm - 4pm


To enable all new and existing families to be served in a timely matter,  the uniform shop hours will be extended during the Nov-Jan period and  special appointment days are available for all 2019/new enrolment students.

Normal Opening Hours  (During school terms)   

  • Mondays:       8am – 11am    
  • Tuesdays:        8am – 11am  
  • Thursdays:      1pm – 4pm

Appointments: All SPCC new enrolments are encouraged to make an appointment to be fitted for uniforms and shoes during extended opening hours or on one of the following appointment days.   Please phone the uniform shop on 49606699 to arrange a suitable time.

 Junior School Students /Appointment Days  

Tuesday,  6thNovember     11am – 4pm
Wednesday, 21stNovember     8am – 4pm
Monday,  12thNovember  11am – 4pm
Wednesday, 28thNovember     8am – 4pm
Tuesday,  13thNovember  11am – 4pm
Wednesday, 5thDecember        8am – 4pm
Wednesday, 12thDecember     8am – 4pm 

*If these dates do not suit you for a Junior School appointment please speak with uniform shop staff. *Middle and Senior students are also welcome on these above dates/times if they are the most suitable *All items purchased at the uniform shop can be exchanged or refunded within 3 months of purchase    (e.g. Jan/Feb 2019) if tags and packaging are in place and receipt is provided.

2018 / EXTRA Opening Hours    

Thursday, 29thNovember       1pm – 5pm
Monday, 3rdDecember            8am – 4pm
Tuesday, 4thDecember            8am – 4pm
Thursday, 6thDecember          8am – 4pm (Last day/Term 4)
Monday, 10thDecember         1pm – 5pm (Holiday period)

2019 / Appointment Days 

Tuesday, 15thJanuary       8am – 4pm 
Thursday, 17thJanuary     8am – 4pm 
Friday, 18thJanuary           8am – 4pm

2019 / EXTRA Opening Hours     

Monday, 21stJanuary               8am – 4pm
Tuesday, 22ndJanuary              8am – 4pm
Wednesday, 23rdJanuary         Closed
Thursday, 24thJanuary             8am – 4pm
Friday, 25thJanuary                 8am – 2pm
Monday, 28thJanuary               Closed (Australia Day Holiday)
Tuesday, 29thJanuary               8am – 4pm

Wednesday, 30thJanuary         8am – 11am (First day/Term 1 Yrs. 1-12)

Normal Opening Hours resume from Thursday, 31st January,2019 (First day, Kinder)

Uniform Price List Senior School

Uniform Pricelist Ss word (26.96 KB)