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Library Services

Our Vision
Library Services is committed to providing the most up to date information literacy programs and opportunities, designed for students to develop in their research skills and foster a love of reading.

What we offer
The K-6 and 7-12 Libraries are part of the Centre for Innovation and Learning (CIL). They are located in two separate buildings within the College.

Middle School Students from Years 5-6 have access to the K-6 Library facility located in the Junior School Building. Students are offered the opportunity to participate in weekly borrowing and lesson times in a safe happy environment.

The K-6 Library is equipped with computers, iPads and printer. It houses Fiction, Non-Fiction, Premier’s Reading Challenge resources, Picture Books, Asian and Australian Curriculum collections which are suitable for Years K-6 students.

Middle School students from Years 7-8 have access to the 7-12 Library facility, located in the Centre for Innovation and Learning (CIL). It houses Fiction, Non-Fiction books, Year 11 and 12 Reference Resources, HSC Study Guides, textbook collection rooms, related and wider reading texts and displays.

The space offers student access to flip-learning recording studio, media suite, mezzanine conference and study facilities, quiet study spaces, VR and AR equipment, Library Services team member and the IT helpdesk.

Our Website
The K-6 and 7-12 Library has a strong online presence with digital resources available through the Library Services website, including Fiction & Non -Fiction eBooks, Databases, Oliver the online Library Catalogue, and Pathfinders providing guidance to relevant resources. Click View is also used as an online digital video system to assist teaching and learning within the classroom.

We aim to provide programs, activities and resources that will support and equip students and staff, in and out of the classroom, to become effective lifelong users of information as they explore the wonderful world of reading!

Library Services Team

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