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Student Leadership

Students in Year 4 are provided with many leadership opportunities. Two Captains and two Vice-Captains are nominated and elected by their peers and the Junior School staff. The Captains are responsible for running assemblies allowing them public speaking and event coordination experience. The Captains also have the opportunity to represent the Junior School at full-school events and community events. The Junior School Captains are also encouraged to look out for younger students in the playground and be an example in their daily schooling life in representing the school’s core values.

In addition to the elected Captains and Vice-Captains, six student leaders are also elected each year. They are responsible for similar duties, but particularly for providing servant leadership to our school community.

Sporting Captains are also elected from Year 4 students for each sporting house. The sporting Captains assist in coordinating their sporting house at carnivals and sporting events, encouraging participation and offering support and encouragement to their peers. Additional opportunities to lead are offered to these children, as required, as a way of acknowledging and developing their leadership.

Junior School Captains and Vice Captains 2023

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Junior School Student Leaders 2022

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Junior School House Captains and House Vice Captains 2023