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For the Whole of Their Life.

Head of Junior School

Alyce van der Velde - Head of Junior School

Alyce commenced teaching in 1995 and throughout her career has worked at a number of Christian schools in Australia, as well as Indonesia where she served as the Principal of an International School in Jakarta. Alyce commenced teaching at St Philip’s in 2012 as an English/HSIE teacher in Years 7-9.

Throughout her career, Alyce has worked with students ranging from Year 1 – Year 10, University and has held several educational leadership roles, she took on the role of Head of Middle School in 2017. In 2023, Alyce also became the Head of Junior School.

Her love of learning is evident as Alyce has a Bachelor of Teaching, as well as a Bachelor of Special Education, Certificate of Gifted Education and Master of Education. Alyce most recently has completed training in Project Based Learning and has gained certification as a Project Based Learning Trainer with the New Tech Network in the United States.

Alyce understands that each student is unique and created by God and endeavours to make both Junior and Middle School a place where students wake up excited to go to school.