For the Whole of Their Life.

Mission and Adventure

Christian Ministry and Missions/Service

Our weekly Chapel services are vibrant, fun and engaging. Chapel services are focused towards each child developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, rather than being a religious tradition.

The staff and students of the Junior School believe a heart of gratitude and thankfulness, and a spirit of generosity is central to living a powerful Christian life. Through raising funds for our 4 Junior School sponsor children, as well as supporting additional global mission projects, the children learn first hand what it means to be ‘others focused’. Guided by the teachers, the children devise fundraising projects and personally give of their time and resources to raise thousands of dollars each year. Together, we live the expression “blessed to be a blessing”.


At SPCC the children are given the opportunity to attend school camps from Year 3 and beyond. Whilst this may seem young, we believe it is important for children to develop independence and take responsibility for there actions from a young age. The lessons learned and experiences gained at school camp are often the most memorable and long lasting. To ensure our school values and beliefs are supported, all Junior School camps are held at Crusaders Lake Mac Christian campsite.