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Junior School

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Laying Strong Foundations

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The Junior School staff aim to inspire and transform each student to become the best they can be with the gifts and talents God has gifted to them.

Our classes are grouped in Year Levels with staff and students working collaboratively to create a supportive, nurturing and challenging learning community. We also have learning support assistants in each year level. Each student has individual learning goals which they work towards achieving with guidance and feedback from their teachers. This provides students with tangible and achievable steps to improve their learning outcomes. Learning is differentiated and extended to meet the learning needs of individual students. All students will each day engage in large and small group learning experiences.

The recent addition of our K-12 Learning Framework encourages all students to focus on developing essential learning habits needed to meet their learning potential both at school and beyond. This is designed to equip students with the necessary skills for learning and life.

As leaders in education we have been developing this approach to teaching and learning over a period of years after achieving a grant from the AIS to develop this model as a Quality Teaching Project. The success of this project, combined with much reading and understanding of 21st Century learning, has led us to implement and further this approach in order to develop the great potential that is within each child. In 2013 the Junior School was one of 8 national recipients of a grant from AITSL to develop disciplined collaboration and enhance student outcomes.

Students’ learning needs are catered for through individual profiles, the use of higher order thinking skills such as Blooms Taxonomy, the regular use of thinking routines to develop inquiry and a greater understanding and approach to teaching through Multiple Intelligences.