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Our School

Our School

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Whole of Life Education

Staff at St Philip's Christian College are dedicated to working alongside each student to draw out their God-given potential and equip them with the tools to succeed not only through their schooling career but through their life.

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Narnia Early Learning

Endless Fun and Rich Interaction

Alyce Students

Junior School

Laying Strong Foundations

The Junior School staff aim to inspire and transform each student to become the best they can be with the gifts and talents God has gifted to them.

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Middle School

Enjoying The Journey

Middle School has adopted the slogan, "Enjoying the Journey". This statement reflects the desire that we have to make school the best that it can be for students and to ensure relevant learning experiences.

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Senior School

Securing The Future

The opportunities for success at St Philip's Christian College are outstanding and students are encouraged to achieve excellence and strive to fulfil their potential.