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Parent Involvement

The Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) is open to ALL parents, carers, friends and teachers. It helps cultivate important College relationships & enables the wider school community to be in direct communication with one another. From time to time the College Board of Governors has requested the PTF’s assistance with matters concerning the School.

The meetings are EVERY 2nd TUESDAY of the month during term time(venue is announced in the newsletter). They are a casual format where questions are always welcome. There are often guest speakers & it is our aim to keep the lines of communication open. Becoming involved in the PTF presents a great opportunity to meet new people & serve as part of a wonderful team sponsoring presentations & funding new resources.

The PTF hold a number of events each year, many of which raise vital funds for the school community. Events held over the years include:

  • Welcome BBQ
  • Cybersafety presentation
  • Mango drive
  • School discos
  • Entertainment Books
  • Canteen at Musicals
  • Mother’s Day Stall
  • Father’s Day Stall
  • Pie Drive
  • Dinner Dance
  • Spring Fair
  • Carols BBQ and Canteen
  • Working Bees
  • Tea Towel Fundraiser

2017 PTF Executive Committee:

  • Hilary Davies – President
  • Maria Gorton – Vice President
  • Gillian Donn – Treasurer
  • Mel Flavell – Secretary
  • Kara Dahl – Ordinary Member
  • Julie Armstrong – Ordinary Member
  • Marcia Kolasinski – Ordinary Member


Hilary Davies - PTF President

EMAIL the President of the PTF