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Parent Newsletter, Term 4, Week 7

We are looking forward to celebrating our students’ success during 2018 and so invite you to share in our Thanksgiving Service and Presentation Days in the coming week.

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Parent Newsletter, Term 4, Week 6

Last week, I shared about the time I spent in Romania, and talked about two areas that really impacted me. The first was “fellowship”, and today I want to share about the power of generosity.


Parent Newsletter, Term 4, Week 5

During the first 4 weeks of this term, I travelled overseas to attend two conferences and several educational organisations and schools.

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Parent Newsletter, Term 4, Week 4

Last week I wrote about the words we use and challenged us all to consider if they are good, helpful and encouraging. But of course, speaking is only one half of the equation when it comes to conversations - the other half being our ability to listen, and this is the focus of my article today.

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Parent Newsletter, Term 4, Week 3

This week, an unexpected highlight for me was the surprise visit to my office by a Kindergarten student and his teacher. The young boy wanted to thank me for speaking at Junior School Chapel the previous day, and also give me an Icey Cup from the canteen to enjoy.

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Parent Newsletter, Term 4, Week 2

If you visited the school at lunchtime on Thursday or Friday this week, you could be forgiven for thinking you had taken a wrong turn and found yourself in a bustling market place.


Parent Newsletter, Term 4, Week 1

It is my pleasure to welcome you back after the break and I trust that all is well with you and your families as we head into the final term of 2018. I pray that the new school term will be one that is full of inspiring learning for all of our students and that they will finish the year well.

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Parent Newsletter, Term 3, Week 10

The final day of Term 4 has arrived. For 104 students, this will be their final day of schooling. For others, they will be concluding their final term of their first year of schooling. 

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Parent Newsletter, Term 3, Week 9

Our Year 12 students are just about to enter into their final week of their schooling life. Next week, the students will enjoy their Year 12 Formal evening and be honoured at the Final chapel and Graduation Ceremony on Friday 28th September in our College Theatre. 

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Parent Newsletter, Term 3, Week 8

Yesterday was R U OK day. The mission of this charity is to inspire and empower everyone to meaningfully connect with people around them and support anyone struggling with life, because A CONVERSATION COULD CHANGE A LIFE!

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