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HSC Results - 2021

Posted 28th January 2022
By Kristy Fahey

St Philip's Christian College Newcastle HSC Results - 2021

Congratulations Year 12, 2021!

Year 12 2021 students were challenged throughout their final 2 years of schooling, and particularly in their HSC year, when they were required to undertake remote on-line learning, including their Trial HSC examinations, during an extended period of lockdown.

However, they rose to the challenge and I want to commend then on their outstanding results.

'The students of Year 12 2021 have achieved outstanding results, with the College ranked 118th in NSW and 3rd in the Hunter Region. Students achieved 69 Band 6’s (90+), and of these, 4 students were Top Achievers, being ranked in the top 10 in NSW, and 1 student was named as an All-Rounder, receiving Band 6 results in at least 10 units of the courses studied.'

Pam O'Dea

HSC Results 2021 1
HSC Results 2021 2
HSC Results 2021 3
HSC Results 2021 4
HSC Results 2021 5
HSC Results 2021 6

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