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HSC Results - 2020

Posted 1st January 2021
By Kristy Fahey

Congratulations to Year 12 2020 students on outstanding HSC results. The year has certainly been a time of significant challenge, especially for those completing their HSC. We are incredibly proud of the way in which every SPCC student has shown courage during 2020 and risen to face the challenges that this year has brought.

'The students of Year 12 2020 have achieved some outstanding overall results, with the College ranked 85th in the state and 100 Band 6’s being awarded across the year. 84.6% of all results were in the top three bands; a testament to the hard work and resilience of every student. Additionally, we are delighted that 94% of applicants for the Schools Recommendation Scheme, through the University Admissions Centre, have already received early round offers to university.

Seven SPCC students have been named as All Rounders, receiving Band 6 results in at least 10 units of courses studied. This is an exceptional achievement, and with two successful nominations for Art Express and Call Back, it is wonderful to see so many students performing highly in a range of specialisations.'

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