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Celebrating International Women's Day at St Philip's Christian College

On any given day, you can walk around St Philip’s Christian College Newcastle and witness the many inspirational female students, teachers and leaders. Many female members of staff hold significant leadership positions within the College, all of whom are led by our gracious Principal, Mrs Pam O'Dea. The girls who form part of our student body are also capable and confident; talented athletes, musicians, performers, and academics, all of whom should be celebrated for their individual God-given talents.

In our society and beyond, we recognise that there are many women and girls who struggle to embrace who God created them to be. They are faced with societal pressures to look and act in a particular way, and if unable to “measure up”, may experience a sense of failure and isolation. Therefore, International Women’s Day, which took place on Monday 8th March, provided the perfect opportunity to honour and empower the amazing girls and women of St Philip’s Christian College Newcastle.

The SPCC International Women’s Day project commenced about a month ago, facilitated by a team of passionate staff with the common goal of creating an opportunity to empower and celebrate the girls of SPCC. Collectively, the team worked to develop the following vision which clearly articulated why celebrating International Women’s Day is important within our school context.

We believe:

All girls are loved and valued because they are created in God’s image.
All girls deserve to be respected, honoured and empowered.
All girls can lead and influence others.

So, what did this vision look like in action on Monday 8th March? Several events took place across the College. In Junior School, the girls enjoyed a fun filled picnic and shared about the women in their lives who have influenced them. Middle School and Senior School girls were blessed by a musical performance by Mrs Harris, Mrs Connett and Cassandra Fayers, as well as being encouraged by our guest speaker, Rianna Bingham, a local business owner and inspirational Christian woman. While this was taking place, our SPCC boys discussed ways in which they can respect, honour and celebrate the women in their lives, such as their mothers, sisters or future wives.

Future plans for this significant day include running a fundraising event for the girls of Malawi, which would involve an off-site celebration and evening of festivities for SPCC mothers, daughters and the wider community.

Whilst International Women’s Day is one day on the calendar set aside to celebrate women across the globe, the desire is that the messages students take away from this day last longer than 24 hours, and that as a College, we can continue to nurture young women, who know that they are loved and valued because they are created in God’s image.

Rebecca Parkhouse
Senior Teacher (English)

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