For the Whole of Their Life.

Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

St Philip’s Christian College Gosford seeks to be a leading provider of quality Christian schooling within our nation, where:

  1. Every student develops a personal faith in Jesus Christ and is empowered to live with purpose, integrity and joy.
  2. Every student achieves their God-given potential and is well equipped to make a significant contribution to society.
  3. Every student benefits from innovative and effective learning experiences taught by skilled and dedicated teachers.
  4. Every student enjoys a safe and secure learning environment wherein they feel connected and affirmed.
  5. Every student contributes to a culture of respect, dignity, care and concern for others.
  6. Every student has access to excellent learning resources and is taught in the best learning facilities we can provide.

Our Vision is to ignite passion and purpose for the whole of life. This means we help students to understand the gifts and skills that they have been blessed with, while at the same time helping them to understand more about the heavenly creator behind those blessings. We do this by hiring staff that display such passion and purpose in their own life so that they may model what it looks like to live with such passion and purpose. In doing so, our students are encouraged to make a difference in the world.

Our Mission

That St Philip’s Christian College Gosford will continue to provide quality education in a caring, secure and challenging learning environment based on Christian beliefs, values and practice.

Our Core Values

  1. Christ First - we want to honour Christ in all things.
  2. Serve One Another - we want to appreciate the unique God-given potential of each person.
  3. Strive for Excellence - we want to aim to do our very best all the time.
  4. Do What is Right - we want to always behave in a Christian manner.
  5. Build Community - we want everyone to feel they belong.

Statement of Commitment to Child Safety

St Philip’s Christian College Gosford is committed to providing education and care to children and young people to assist them to develop into high-achieving, supported students, positively connected to each other and to the communities in which they live and which they will serve. The College is committed to ensuring the safety, welfare and wellbeing of all children and young people at the School and is dedicated to protecting them from abuse and harm. At St Philip’s Christian College we have a zero tolerance for child abuse. The College regards its child protection responsibilities with the utmost importance, and as such is committed to providing the necessary resources to ensure compliance with all relevant child protection laws and regulations to maintain safe and supportive College physical and online environments for all children and young people.

Mr Cameron Johnston