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Project HAWKE - Extension and Enrichment

In 2020, St Philip's Christian College Gosford launched the High Ability program for Wisdom and Knowledge Enrichment (Project HAWKE) for Years 7 & Year 8. Project HAWKE is a targeted enrichment class, taught over a two year period, for students who seek to be challenged and extended, according to their individual strengths and abilities. The preferred entry point for this class is Year 7.

This selective program, taught by teachers experienced in Gifted Education, is designed for academically advanced students who enjoy the motivation of working consistently with an advanced and compacted curriculum across a range of subjects, within our nurturing environment.

Curriculum compacting condenses, modifies, or streamlines the regular curriculum to reduce repetition of previously mastered material. Compacting what students already know allows time for acceleration or enrichment beyond the basic curriculum for students who would otherwise be simply practicing what they already know.

All students, both new and current, need to submit an application form and complete an entrance examination to assess suitability for Project HAWKE. Entry to the program will be made by a panel of trained, industry professionals and families will be notified of the outcome.

Our final 2022 testing date for Project HAWKE will take place on Friday 4th of November 2022. Application forms and frequently asked questions can be found below.

God answered Solomon, “This is what has come out of your heart: You didn’t grasp for money, wealth, fame, and the doom of your enemies; you didn’t even ask for a long life. You asked for wisdom and knowledge so you could govern well my people over whom I’ve made you king.

2 Chronicles 1:11