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For the Whole of Their Life.

Gifted and Enrichment Programs

Our enrichment and gifted programs operate in Junior, Middle and Senior School across a broad range of subjects using subject specialists as mentors for areas of student passion. We have teachers in each of our sub-schools with postgraduate qualifications in gifted education. These teachers and the Inclusive Education Team (under guidance of the Leader of Learning - Enrichment and Gifted Education) provide support to classroom teachers for gifted students, including:

  • regular professional development
  • rigorous data analysis to identify gifted students and those who may benefit from an enrichment program
  • providing teachers with a broad base of current literature and practical strategies for differentiating for students
  • collaborative planning, team teaching and working with small target groups
  • management of subject-specific acceleration

A variety of research-based grouping strategies may be implemented after careful consideration of the needs of individual students. These may include cluster grouping (Junior and Middle School), across grade performance grouping and invitation to participate in the Enrichment & Gifted Ed@SPCC programs.

In class enrichment and extension: Teachers are well supported in their programming and teaching, providing challenging activities in the classroom allowing for enrichment and extension to occur. They use a variety of models and strategies to compact and differentiate the curriculum depending on the needs of their students.

Independent Research Projects: Students in both the Enrichment & Gifted Ed@SPCC programs will undertake an Independent Research Program in an area of passion. They will plan and prepare their project, becoming an expert in their chosen focus area. These projects will be showcased at a Enrichment & Gifted event for parents, students and the College community.