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For the Whole of Their Life.

Head of Middle School

Mr Grindley is a passionate educator who has been a part of the St Philip’s Christian College family since 2018. He is a lifelong learner who holds a Bachelor of Music, Diploma of Theology and a Masters of Teaching. Fundamental to his teaching philosophy is a belief that all students have been created by God with unique gifts and talents to be discovered and developed. He is committed to providing opportunities that engage and enrich every student in Middle School here at SPCC Gosford.

Hear from our Head of Middle School

I have always loved learning and believe that each student who attends our school has untapped potential for growth. Adolescence is a unique time of great change, physically, emotionally, academically and spiritually. It is a time that students respond and develop primarily through authentic relationship. Our Middle School teaching team understand this stage of adolescence and are committed to creating an exciting and engaging learning environment where students are at the centre.

Martin Luther King Jr once stated, “We must remember that intelligence is not enough.
Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education.” I will often remind our students and staff that the little things in life matter. The 1% decisions that we make everyday are the decisions that form our character. Through our Whole of Life educational model at St Philp’s Christian College our goal is to engage our students and their families in developing young people of character.

I am incredibly excited about continuing to find new ways to engage your children in their learning, to find ways to support them in the development of their character, and to help guide them in their spiritual formation.

I am thankful to be a part of St Philip’s Christian College Gosford. If you have any questions, or would like to start the process of enrolling your child in our Middle School please visit our enrolments page. We would love to have you become part of our community.

Mr Dayne Grindley
Head of Middle School