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Junior School

Junior School

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Welcome to Junior School K-4 at St Philip's Christian College Gosford

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Junior School K-4 provides a happy, secure and caring learning environment for all students.

Provisions are made for the individual needs of students including a wide variety of grouping strategies and individual programs. The individual needs of gifted and talented students are provided for through enrichment and extension within the classroom.

A Nurturing Environment

At St Philip's Christian College Gosford we understand that our physical environment has an impact on our capacity to learn. Our Junior School classrooms have been designed with flexibility in mind and feature large, open learning spaces with ready access to technology. Our outdoor learning spaces allow the students plenty of space to run, play, explore and invent. We have a beautifully appointed Information Resource Centre and a multipurpose hall complete with a greenroom where students can explore and showcase their creativity.

Rich Learning Environment

Junior School offers an inspiring academic culture, where diversity and creativity is valued and nurtured in a Christian environment. There is a strong emphasis on catering to each and every child, including provisions for students with additional needs and support for gifted students.

2023 Parent Handbook - Gosford

2023 Parent Handbook pdf (1.605 MB)