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For the Whole of Their Life.

School Life

There's lots of opportunities for you to experience something different and develop in an area that you enjoy. St Philip's Christian College believe in and assist in every way possible for students to realise their full potential.

St Philip's Christian College, Gosford, is a Kindergarten - Year 12 School which means that there is an area where there are younger children and an area where high school students attend class, have lunch etc.

Australian Education System - BIG DIFFERENCE - value is placed on the application of knowledge and experiential learning. In high school students move from room to room - not the teacher.

St Philip's Christian College, Gosford, has a uniform and there are rules about what and how you are to wear it. School hours are 8.50am to 3.15pm, there are 6 x 52 minute periods with morning recess and lunch. In Year 12 there is a flexible timetable that is built around curriculum needs. Some classes for Year 11 and 12 students are before and after school.

You will need to participate in sports and sports events.

Older students drive their car to school but there are rules about where to park and you must have permission to take others in your car. 

Pastoral Care

St Philip's Christian College, Gosford, places much value on Pastoral Care for our students. 

Our highly qualified and experience staff provide a high standard of teaching. Coming from a wide variety of denominational backgrounds, all our staff are committed Christians who view their job as a ministry and service to the Kingdom of God. 

Staff are closely involved in all aspects of student development whether it be academic, creative, sporting, spiritual, social or pastoral. High standards are set and students are provided with the best possible opportunity to achieve their potential. 

In addition St Philip's Christian College Gosford offers specialised Pastoral Support to our International Students through dedicated staff. 24 hour support is available via mobile phone. 

The International Office staff provide:
  • induction for new students 
  • meets regularly with all students 
  • is available to assist the students assimilate into their new surroundings 
  • to field any enquiries or issues that arise whilst studying in Australia at St Philip's Christian College Gosford
  • Some excursions and social outings are undertaken. 

Homestay placements are arranged through this office by telephoning +61 02 4331 4400 or emailing The International Student Advisor: Miss Andrea Hellyer.