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Staff Conference 2022: Thankful

Welcome to Staff Conference 2022.

Staff Conference Map Upload

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Tuesday 19 July

8:30amRegistrationQR Codes via The Activate Centre
9:00-9:05Opening VideoThe Activate Centre
9:20-9:25Acknowledgement of Country
9:25-9:30Welcome from Mr Matt Connett
9:30-10:10Session 1 — Mr Graeme Irwin
10:10-10:15School Video
10:15-10:55Session 2 — Karl Faase
10:55-11:00School Video
11:00-11:30Morning Tea
11:30-11:35Video — Charise McCann
11:35-11:45Cross to HSC Study Camp
11:45-12:25Session 3 — Nikki Wright
12:25-12:30School Video
12:30-1:10Session 4 — Karl Faase
1:10-2:00LunchFront of the Activate Centre
2:00-2:10Launch of Q12 Survey
2:10-2:15School Video
2:15-2:45Live Podcast Recording
2:45-2:50Video — Hana Levey
2:50-3:25Session 5 — Sue Irwin
3:25-3:30School Video

Wednesday 20 July


RegistrationQR Codes via the Activate Centre
9:00-9:15WorshipThe Activate Centre
9:15-9:20School Video
9:20-9:45AACS Update
9:45-9:50School Video

Aboriginal Schools Update

10:15-10:45Morning TeaFront of the Activate Centre
10:45-12:45Teaching Staff Collaboration 1

Support Staff Session 1 and 2

Teaching Staff — See below collaboration rooms

Support Staff — The Activate Centre

12:45-1:35LunchFront of the Activate Centre
1:35-3:25Teaching Staff Collaboration 2
Support Staff Session 3 and 4
Teaching Staff — See below collaboration rooms
Support Staff, Session 3 — The Activate Centre

Support Staff, Session 4 — See below collaboration rooms

3:30-3:35School VideoThe Activate Centre
3:35-3:45Thank you
Conclusion of Conference and Prayer
3:45-4:00Gift PresentationThe Activate Centre

Teaching Staff Collaboration Groups

Teaching Staff will split into collaboration groups.


Faculty Champions and Campus

Early/Stage 1Sarah Williams, Waratah

Sharon Massey, Port Stephens

Year 4 Room
Stage 2Jessica Mackie, Waratah
Emilie Hick, Waratah
Year 2 Room
Stage 3Claire Hughes, Waratah

Dayne Grindley, Waratah



Jo Lapointe, Gosford

Shelly Kelly, Cessnock

MathematicsSarah Frankham, Waratah

Neil Bustos, Gosford

ScienceJim Wright, Gosford

Dr Colin Harrison, Port Stephens

HSIEMatt Schultz, Waratah

Emma Maher, Gosford

TASTim Ashby, Gosford

Bec Garred, Waratah

PDHPEAndrew Ponson, Waratah

Corey Rowntree, Cessnock

CAPALindy Connett, Waratah

Alysia Neirinckx, Cessnock

Emily Johnson, Port Stephens


VETCarlie Boyle, Foundation

Rhonda Bryan, Port Stephens

Simon Harrison, DALE

Learning SupportKate Maddrell, DALE

Claire Gray, Gosford

WellbeingJesse Manners, Gosford

Belinda Shields, Cessnock

SS Study Space
Gifted EducationAlex Krause, WaratahE3C
Christian FoundationDaniel Boyce, Gosford

Josh Irwin, Waratah

IRC/Library ServicesWendy Sunol, Port StephensLRC


SPELTSession 1 & 2: Senior School Boardroom

Session 3 & 4: S105

DeputiesSession 1 & 2: E6A

Session 3 & 4: S105

Head of Junior SchoolSession 1 & 2: Year 1

Session 3 & 4: S105

Head of Middle SchoolSession 1 & 2: H2

Session 3 & 4: S105

Head of Senior SchoolSession 1 & 2: Senior School Common Room

Session 3 & 4: S105

DALE Campus HeadsSession 1 & 2: Year 3 Room

Session 3 & 4: S105

Narnia DirectorsSession 1 & 2: Kindy Room

Session 3 & 4: S105

Support Staff Collaboration Groups

Support Staff will be together for Collaboration Sessions 1-3 and then will split into the following groups for Session 4.

Support Staff please bring along your top 5 Gallup Strengths for our Strengths Collaboration Session. If you have not done your Gallup Strengths Assessment, please contact your team leader to coordinate to do this before conference.


Staff Involved

FinanceCFO, Assistant CFO, Foundation Finance Team, Business Managers and School/Service Finance TeamsE6C
Administration, Hospitality and Medical

Executive Assistants, Sub-School Administration, and General Administration and Hospitality and Medical

HR and PolicyAC2
Building and MaintenanceE4E
AdvancementCommunications, Marketing, Registrars, Video and Graphic DesignSS Study Space