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St Philip's Teaching School

St Philip's Teaching School, in partnership with Alphacrucis College, is a higher education school which provides Christ-centred tertiary education for students who have a desire to pursue a vocation in Christian education.

In 2018 St Philip's Christian College launched the St Philip's Teaching School

The St Philip's Teaching School, in partnership with Alphacrucis College, is a higher education school which provides Christ-centred tertiary education for students who have a desire to pursue a vocation in Christian Education. The Teaching School offers courses from a Bachelors level right through to PhD, with the distinct inclusion of the Cadetship Program for select B Ed Students.

The Teaching School operates on-site at the St Philip's Schools providing students with the unique opportunity of being apprenticed by a Master Teacher within the College and immediate application of their tertiary study in the school setting.

The Teaching School will be a tertiary school which keeps Christ at the centre of all aspects of education. It will provide an avenue to train and develop our next generation of teachers and leaders in a Christian setting. St Philip's Christian College is committed to Whole of Life education, a Teaching School is a natural extension of who we are and how we operate. It gives us the benefit of an intentional focus toward deeper (scholarly) Christian thinking (and research).

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For Students

The St Philip's Teaching School is a whole new pathway into employment in the education sector. When students choose to enrol in the Teaching School they will have the distinct advantage of being immersed in the school environment from day one of their tertiary training. Students will be given on-the-job training in a St Philip's Christian College school all the way through their qualification. Students who graduate from the Teaching School will have, along with their qualification, an in-depth application of the theory they have learned in AC courses and relationships with staff across the St Philip's Christian College organisation, thus making them equipped to express their faith through their vocation, as well as being very employable candidates.

The Teaching School also provides a uniquely Christian tertiary environment which will incorporate Christ into every element of their journey. The student's faith and wellbeing will be of utmost importance to the staff in an environment which will be as nurturing as it is challenging. The School is a boutique post-secondary institution with only a small number of students in each cohort, thus ensuring that each student is provided with individual care to ensure their ongoing success throughout their studies.

The Cadetship Program

Students who successfully meet the educational requirements set by Alphacrucis College to enrol in the Bachelors program may apply for a Teaching School Cadetship. Students who are passionate about becoming a Christian Educator will be interviewed by a panel of St Philip's and AC personnel to determine their suitability to the program. A select number of students will be offered a full cadetship place. This includes two days paid work as a School Assistant in a St Philip's School and a 50% fee reduction on their tertiary studies through the Teaching School. Part cadetships will also be offered.

For Teachers

Staff currently employed at St Philip's Christian College have the unique opportunity to continue to be unskilled in their work environment. St Philip's Christian College prides itself on being at the forefront of Whole of Life education in the region. The College's desire is to invest into their staff and challenge them to continually be looking at ways to be innovative and progressive in their area of education. Through the Teaching School, staff will have the opportunity to extend their knowledge and skillset while applying it immediately in their role at St Philip's Christian College. This will not only benefit the individual staff member, but the students under their care and the St Philip's Christian College community as a whole.

Meet Our Pioneer Cohort

Teaching School 2018 Cohort

L-R Austin, Jayde, Bethan, Jarrad, Caitlin, James, Caleb 

For more information or to make an enrolment enquiry please contact Mrs Samantha Van De Mortel in the Foundation Office

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