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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualifications of the Academy staff?

At Saints Academy, our staff range from Degree Qualified Teachers to Diploma and Certificate III educators. All staff have WWCC and Child Protection certificates. Our Elective teachers are experts in their fields of interest. Our Specialist teachers are also experts in their chosen field. All Elective and Specialist teaches will have WWCC clearance. Our staff to child ratio requirements is above the recommended and we pride ourselves on having staff of a very high calibre. At times we will have volunteers, work experience students and Trainees.

When are my fees due?

Academy fees are due two weeks in advance. If fees are not kept up to date the enrolment may be cancelled. Extra Tuition courses are paid before the beginning of each term. Fees are to be paid by EFT or EFTPOS (Bank account and EFTPOS facilities to be arranged)

When are Statements Issued?

Statements are issued every fortnight in arrears via email and corresponds directly to the CCS fortnight. The outstanding amount is required to be paid in full within 14 days. A current email address is required for all enrolments at our service.

How much will it Cost?

After School Care is $36 a session. The cost of the service is directly linked to the Federal Government Child Care Subsidy. Permanently booked positions are to be paid for the days for which the child is enrolled whether the child attends or not, except for public holidays and some school holiday periods. Any account enquiries are to be made to the administration staff during office hours.

Are Risk Assessments provided for excursions/activities?

Risk assessments are completed for all excursions and activities (as needed) and available onsite for parent access. An Academy Educator/Teacher will provide a copy of Risk Assessments to Parents and Caregivers upon request.

How much notice do I need to give to end or change care arrangements?

Written notification with 2 weeks’ notice is to be provided to end care or to make a change to a permanent booking. Specialist tuition fees will not be refunded. Please email end of care notice to Juliet.scott@spcc.nsw.edu.au

What if my child is sick and cannot attend?

If your child is sick or not attending on the day, please let us know that morning or earlier if possible by phoning / emailing the Academy. Please note that you will still be liable for any fees incurred on this day.

Will the Academy be open to children outside of SPCC?

Yes. The Academy will be open to schools in the local community.