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St Philip's Christian College Newcastle is a progressive inner-city, co-educational college catering to students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12. St Philip's Christian College Newcastle are leaders in Whole of Life education in the Hunter Region.

St Philip's Christian College Newcastle, a co-educational K-12 independent school, was established in 1982 and has a student population of 1400 students. The College is ideally located in the heart of Newcastle and delivers an educational experience of excellence in a safe and nurturing environment.

The mission of the College is to continue to provide quality education in a caring, secure and challenging learning environment based on Christian beliefs, values and practice. The five core values of the College are:

Christ First
Serve One Another
Strive for Excellence
Do what is Right
Build Community

The College seeks to acknowledge the potential and uniqueness of each student and aims to provide opportunities for intellectual, social, cultural, moral, spiritual and physical development which will stand our students in good stead for the whole of their life.

At SPCC, we believe that Christian Education is not education about Christianity but a wholistic education delivered from a Christian perspective. All our teachers are Christians, and a Christian worldview intentionally permeates all that we do. Our school provides an environment where respect and excellence are encouraged, along with a desire to see students enjoying the learning process and school life.

The College is passionate about the pursuit of excellence in all areas, particularly academic achievement, performing arts, sport and Christian lifestyle. To facilitate this, the College is divided into 3 sub-schools; Junior School, which supports children in their foundation years of schooling by providing a creative and nurturing environment, Middle School, which focuses on meeting the needs of emerging adolescents by developing confident and resilient young people who enjoy life's journey and achieve their unique God-given potential in all areas, and Senior School, which assists students in finishing strong, and stepping into the future with the passion, motivation and ability to make a difference in the world. Curriculum strengths include high academic standards in all KLAs, an effective learning support program, dynamic gifted and talented programs and classes administered through The Elevate Centre, vocational education, innovation in ICT, and information skills. We aim to develop a culture of thinking, which means that thinking is valued, visible, promoted and experienced by all people in our learning community.

Extra-curricular activities include sport, gala days, musicals, choral groups and choirs, concert and jazz bands, private music instruction, drama performances, dance competitions, academic competitions, inter-school debating, camps and mission trips. Along with STEM initiatives, community programs and outdoor education opportunities.

Adjacent to the College is our Narnia Christian Preschool and Early Childhood Centre, which caters for children from birth to five years of age and offers a dynamic and creative environment tailored to meet the needs of every child. Narnia Christian preschool offers a transition program to Kindergarten at SPCC Waratah.

Throughout the College we have created flexible learning spaces, which facilitate effective team teaching, and increase student engagement and enthusiasm for learning. To strengthen our culture of learning, we have introduced 'The SPCC Learning Framework', which empowers students to become independent, motivated, confident and resilient learners.

St Philip’s Christian College Newcastle has embedded Project Based Learning across the College to empower students to engage in the learning process as evidenced through discovery, interest, curiosity, creativity and self-motivation and take ownership of their own learning. PBL provides a framework for students to see the relevance of their learning to real life situations, while increasing their communication, collaboration and critical thinking skills.

Quality leadership is highly-valued at SPCC, all of our senior leaders are involved in a Student Leadership Development Program which involves giving students opportunities to practice leadership skills in a supportive learning environment. The program's aim is to increase students' proficiency in a range of areas including: project planning, management and resource allocation; reflection; problem solving; team building; decision making; goal setting; time management; effective communication; networking; conflict resolution; diversity awareness; and self-confidence.

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