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St Philip's Christian College DALE is a Dynamic Alternative Learning Environment for students in Years 5 – 10 who have an Autism Spectrum Disorder, social and emotional difficulties or a mild intellectual disability.

The DA.L.E Christian School is recognised by the Department of Education as a Special School. It was established in 1997 to meet the needs of Year 7 to 10 students with emotional / behavioural problems and also catered for students with a mild intellectual disability. In 2012, D.A.L.E. extended its curriculum to include Stage 3 (Year 5 & 6).
The school offers students the opportunity to gain their RoSA. The educational program is based on individual needs and focuses on building on the strengths and talents of each student. On entry into the program the student will be assessed by staff to ascertain their ability level. An Individual Plan involving the input of the student, parent(s) / caregiver(s), agency representatives and staff is developed and regularly reviewed for each student.
The DA.L.E Christian School is a ‘small school’ environment and has high staff to student ratio which gives many young people, who feel lost in a mainstream environment, a sense of security and belonging.

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All students deserve the opportunity to learn in a safe environment and so having the opportunity to lead a school to create a place that kids love coming to school, where they feel valued and where they experience success.

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How do I enrol my child at St Philip's Christian College?

Enroling your child at St Philip's Christian College can be the biggest decision in your child's education.

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St Philip's Christian College provides students with an enriching and liberating education.

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