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Board Meeting Overview

Our St Philip's Education Foundation Board of Directors meet together eight times a year to develop the strategy and parameters in which our college works. Each member of our board is committed to good governance in each matter set to them and understand the weight of the role that they play. Every aspect of the overarching direction of our school is deliberated with wisdom and prayerful consideration.

Our board has been responsible for the creation of what our college looks like today. The breakdown of our sub-schools, the addition of our early learning program, the building development program, our financial plan and ongoing expenditure is all outworked in our board meetings. As you can imagine these meetings can sometimes go on for quite a while. 

As we look around us to our six schools each with a structure which facilitates the best possible schooling experience and facilities in place to enable this, it is due to the good governance of our board.

The following is an outline of what was discussed and decided at our recent Board Meetings.