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Where are they now?

Posted 26th July 2021
By Hannah Wellham

In 2020, the Cardus Education Survey Report, rolled out across all sectors of the education system in Australia, revealed that Millennial graduates of Christian Schools are highly likely to contribute to the common good of society in a variety of different areas.

“The insights within the report highlight the role schools and educational sectors play in preparing their students for contributing to the common good.

To different extents across the sectors, schools encourage academic excellence, invest in the development of relationships and teach a set of commitments and values. Different educational emphases appear to translate into different life paths.” – Australian Schools and the Common Good

At St Philip’s Christian College, we want to put faces to these statistics. To identify alumni of Christian schooling now utilising the impact of their Christian School journey, for the common good.

The value of a school’s legacy cannot be underestimated. Our desire is that the legacy we leave at SPCC will be through playing a part in impacting young lives who in turn will leave school with the desire to contribute to the common good in their chosen pathway.

Meet Brittany. Brittany is alumna of our Newcastle school. Britt’s story is one of many stories across the SPCC group of graduating students contributing to the common good.

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