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The Results Are In

Posted 7th March 2018
By Hannah Wellham

In November last year we asked our SPCC community to engage in an online stakeholder engagement survey. 1437 of you generously gave of your time, the results of which will help to inform the strategic plan for the future of our organisation.

We are a rapidly expanding organisation and face-to-face instantaneous feedback is not as readily available to us now as it was in years past. In consideration of our future and the areas within our organisation which require our focus, the Board and the Executive realised that it was the feedback from within our school community which would be the most helpful in creating an accurate and effective improvement plan for our organisation. It is imperative for us to better understand the community’s perspectives and insights into the key strengths of the St Philip’s group of schools and the opportunities for growth.

We decided to engage an external organisation to undertake a comprehensive survey which would draw the most thorough results. McCrindle is regarded as one of Australia’s leading research agencies and it was an obvious choice to work with them on this project. McCrindle have worked with many large organisations and senior leaders to help them to understand the external environment in which they operate and gain the sentiment and perceptions of their community and stakeholders. They help to identify emerging trends and gaps within the organisation to help the organisation to understand areas which require focus and improvement into the future.

After many months of working on this project we have now received the results. Results will be analysed by the Executive and each school will unpack the responses from within their own community, but here are a few highlights from our group of schools’ overview which stood out to me. 

Mc Crindle2

It is wonderful to have this level of positive feedback; however, our job now is to closely unpack all of the responses that we have received and put into plan how we can continue to make our group of schools the best it can be and succeeding in equipping each and every one of our students for the Whole of their Life. 

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