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Student Success Story

By Hannah Wellham

The following is a story I recently heard from DALE Cessnock and I wanted to share it with you so that we can all share in the joy of the outcomes of stories just like this one. 

'We have a child who has joined us recently in Yr 9. He has struggled to attend school since Yr 4, with minimal attendance and multiple long-term suspensions. Through many challenges and attempts to re-engage him, it was discovered that the bullying he suffered was so significant that it made school incredibly traumatic. We have implemented School Success Plans, where our students have a voice in creating a successful learning environment for themselves. 

We found out that he had been suspended multiple times, at his previous school, for always wearing his hat and refusing to take it off. Through the process of the School Success Plan, we discovered that his previous peers would urinate in his hat and make him wear it. It was because of this that he refused to take the hat off, but no-one asked him why. By listening to him, we could uncover why he behaved the way he did, since speaking through this with him and working through the fear, he has felt confident coming to school, not wearing his hat in class and beginning to build relationships with the other students at DALE. The power of listening to our kids!'

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