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St Philip's Christian Education is embarking on a brand refresh journey to ensure the lived brand experience is aligned and meaningful

Posted 10th February 2023
By Hannah Wellham

In October of 2021, St Philip’s Christian Education embarked on a journey to understand the perception of the St Philip’s brand, both internally and externally. As the organisation grows, we want to ensure that all members of our community have clarity on who we are as an organisation, why we are here, who we serve and what we offer that is unique.

Our desire is to always operate with integrity, that our vision and purpose is clear and that what we say and do are aligned with this.

For this project, St Philip’s engaged the services of Mezzanine, a local branding agency who have had long connections with the St Philip’s organisation and have a clear understanding of who we are and what we aim to achieve.

Our brand goes beyond our logo, our online presence or our marketing campaigns. Instead, it’s the entire collective experience that people have with our organisation. Throughout 2022, we spent much time gaining understanding of perceptions and experience from leadership, staff, students and parents. We also looked at the various ways our visual brand is represented across all internal and external communication channels.

Once we had collated all of this data, we then turned to how we can move forward with an aligned brand expression, understanding our unique attributes and communicating these in a unified way.

We believe that we have developed a brand which truly reflects the foundational essence of St Philip’s Christian College. At St Philip’s we passionately believe in the need for independent, accessible education that develops the whole child – intellectually, socially, physically and spiritually; environments that maintain exceptional educational standards, embedded with the truth of the Christian Gospel.

We believe in delivering best-practice, leading education that embraces people as individuals and equips them to serve the communities and world in which they live. Person-by-person, generation-by-generation – by the grace that God supplies – we positively impact the world through life-changing education.

Over the next six months we will be progressively rolling out the new St Philip’s visual brand across our various communication platforms, the culmination of which will be the reveal of our new website and a public launch mid-year. We look forward to showcasing this further over the coming months.

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