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Recognition of Indigenous cultural awareness in our early learning centres

Posted 30th October 2020
By Hannah Wellham

Narnia Early Learning Young Parents Waratah have been recognised by the Department of Education, Skills and Training for promoting and embracing cultural awareness and differences. A large proportion of Indigenous families (35 – 50%) attend the service and Narnia provides education and care that reflects Indigenous culture and history.

Narnia Young Parents is uniquely distinctive in that it provides early education and care to the children of our SPCC DALE Young Parents School students, who are onsite completing their schooling journey.

In our Narnia Early Learning Centre for children 0-5 years old, the highly experienced and fully qualified Educators understand that the first few years of a child’s life are a time of extraordinary development.

The centre provides equal opportunities of care and development for these children in an environment that is free of judgment and prejudice. With a large proportion of Indigenous families (35 – 50%) attending the service, Narnia endeavours to provide education and care that reflects the Indigenous culture and history.

As transport can be a large barrier to the students and their children attending, the school provides a bus service to ensure that the students and their children have the opportunity to attend each day.

Aunty Loretta, a local Indigenous community member, regularly attends the centre to educate the children about Indigenous culture through stories, craft and dance. The centre also employs an Indigenous child care educator who adds cultural richness to our environment and programming.

All our Narnia Early Learning Centres are in the process of writing Reconciliation Action Plans. We have developed a RAP team at each of our services, which includes staff, parents and community members. Our desire is that our RAP will reflect our local community needs and history.

Recognising barriers that our Indigenous children face and working towards closing the gap in education, we focus greatly on building social skills and emotional resilience. Our desire is that our children start school with confidence and an understanding of their capabilities.

Our service works side by side with families to ensure children are confident in who they are and feel valued. Our Indigenous families have great input into our program and environment, recognising that they are the best teachers of culture for their children.

We recognise and promote the relationship between ourselves, families and children as we believe it takes a tribe to raise a child. This is a huge journey for us and we are excited to be increasing our knowledge and understanding of the cultural background of the Indigenous community.

Narnia Yp Hw

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