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Quality Early Learning linked to success in Higher Education

Posted 4th September 2019
By Hannah Wellham

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Article by Lea Rule
Head of Early Learning

Rivera (2008) states that planning for a positive result in life doesn’t begin in primary school, it begins at birth, this is why early childhood education is so important. Research has shown that a quality early learning experience sets children up for success in higher education. Consistent attendance in childcare can enhance children’s opportunities to succeed in life. By addressing key issues such as relationship building, learning opportunities and a sense of belonging, consistent attendance in early childcare settings play a large part in giving your child the best start to life.

Children feel more settled in care when they attend regularly and develop strong relationships with educators. This allows them to become more adventurous as they gain confidence by having deeper connections with the educators around them. Confident children will try new things, exploring and investigating to gain understanding of the world around them.

Consistent attendance in childcare can enhance children’s opportunities to succeed in life

Children have unlimited learning opportunities when there is regular attendance at an early learning centre. Through consistent attendance, Early Childhood Educators are able to extend children’s experiences from day to day, allowing children to lead the play and further learn about themselves. This helps children to move through life with an attitude that nothing is too difficult and anything can be tried.

A sense of belonging is crucial to our wellbeing in life. By consistently attending early learning centres and developing relationships with both peers and educators, your child can learn how to be part of a group, understand what friendship looks like, and learn how to negotiate with others to achieve good outcomes for everyone. Emotional resilience begins as children navigate short separation with families and stand on their own two feet.

Consistent attendance will enhance your child’s education as they move through early childhood. Having opportunities to discover the world around them, negotiate with peers, and gain a sense of belonging, allows your child to grow into the potential of who they were created to be.

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