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Introducing Mr Graeme Evans

Posted 15th August 2019
By Hannah Wellham

Spcc Newcastle 0808

We are excited to announce that our Deputy Principal of SPCC Newcastle, Mr Graeme Evans, has accepted the appointment of Head of Executive Services for the St Philip’s Christian College Education Foundation Office, commencing July 2019.

Graeme has been an integral part of the journey of St Philip’s Christian College for 35 years and is well respected by staff and families within our College community.

Graeme was employed by the College in 1984 as a Primary Teacher. Since this time he has undertaken many pioneering and leadership positions within the College leading the way in some of the larger changes the College has undergone. Graeme was appointed as the first Deputy Head of the Primary School and served faithfully in this role for many years. In his tenure as Deputy Head he was instrumental in the introduction of the Middle School. Graeme’s in-depth knowledge and understanding of the benefits of middle years education ensured a smooth and successful transition into the sub-school model we operate today. Graeme transitioned to Head of Middle School where he led with a clear and unified vision. He is a highly relational leader who has tremendous capacity to build strong teams. His calm, approachable nature is highly valued within the College community.

In 2018 Graeme was appointed to the position of Deputy Principal of SPCC Newcastle and in this role, has upheld the vision and values of St Philip’s Christian College as he deals with the College staff and parent community in this leadership capacity. He is a person who always operates with a high level of integrity, humility and composure.

In his new role, Graeme will take on the responsibility of managing the day-to-day operations of the Foundation Office. He will be working alongside myself, our Board of Governors and the Executive Leadership of the Foundation as well as our School Principals to assist with the smooth running of the operations of St Philip’s Christian Education Foundation.

Graeme is a dedicated professional with a high degree of commitment and passion given to the roles in which he has served. While I know he will be missed by the school community at Newcastle, he will still be very involved in the happenings within the communities of each SPCC school.

At Foundation, we are thrilled to be welcoming Graeme to our team and look forward to what God has in store for the next phase of his journey at St Philip’s Christian College.

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