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Blog: The Pinnacle of Leadership

Posted 12th March 2019
By Hannah Wellham

by Kieran Bridger

Leadership development is a core part of the philosophy at St Philip’s Christian College. As we seek to equip our students with the skills that will see them succeed for the whole of their life, we wholeheartedly believe that leadership is a fundamental component of doing so. At St Philip’s, student leadership extends far beyond the formal responsibilities of wearing a badge. Leadership is not a position of power, but a privilege of influence. As Jesus modelled to us, it is the service of people that will truly transform this world for the good of all.

John Maxwell, one of the most esteemed leadership authors, speaks of the importance of leading people in his book, The Five Levels of Leadership. Maxwell highlights five different levels, and explains the key to moving from level one to level five, which is the pinnacle for anyone in leadership. As we see from the diagram below, the movement between stages is directly associated with the way we lead people. To move from Position to Permission, we must shift our understanding of leadership to what it truly is: an investment into genuine relationships with the people we lead. When we know our leaders, we increase our trust, support and willingness to follow their vision. As leaders, it is vital that we know our people. Trust cannot be bought, but it can be earned.

The most personally impacting leaders are those who are willing to make time for their people. TEDx speaker Bec Heinrich phrases this as people before progress. For many leaders, progress is essential, and this philosophy does not deny that. Rather it acknowledges that the progress will be far greater and more collaborative if we are willing to put our people first. This style of leadership has countless benefits for those we lead, who benefit from an approachable leader whose greatest desire is to see them succeed. At St Philip’s, our desire is to produce leaders who wholeheartedly live out this principle. We aim to develop young leaders who are influencers that operate at the pinnacle of Jesus-like leadership, investing in others to make this world a better place. It is their empowerment and investment into the people they lead that truly makes the difference.

‘Before you are a leader, success is about growing yourself. When you are a leader, success is about growing others.’ – Jack Welch

5 Levels Of Leadership1

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