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For the Whole of Their Life.

About Us

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Our Vision is to seek to be a leading provider of quality Christian education within our nation where:

  • Every student develops a personal faith in Jesus Christ and is empowered to live with purpose, integrity and joy.
  • Every student achieves their God-given potential and is well equipped to make a significant contribution to society.
  • Every student benefits from innovative and effective learning experiences taught by skilled and dedicated teachers.
  • Every student enjoys a safe and secure learning environment wherein they feel connected and affirmed.
  • Every student contributes to a culture of respect, dignity, care and concern for others.
  • Every student has access to excellent learning resources and is taught in the best learning facilities we can provide.


St Philip’s Christian College will continue to provide quality education in a caring, secure and challenging learning environment based on Christian beliefs, values and practice.


  • Christ First: we want to honour Christ in all things
  • Serve One Another: we want to appreciate the unique God-given potential of each person
  • Strive for Excellence: we want to aim to do our best all the time
  • Do what is right: we want to always act in a Christian manner
  • Build Community: we want everyone to feel they belong


As a non-denominational Christian college, St Philip’s is committed to academic and moral excellence, and involves learning about, acquiring and practising Christian values. Students are encouraged to form a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

We believe that by doing this, students will develop personal confidence, resilience and a clear purpose for their lives.


  • Strong academic programs required for university entrance
  • Delivery of the NSW Higher School Certificate at 3 locations: Newcastle, Port Stephens and Gosford
  • Diversity of study and living environments within 2.5 hours of Sydney
  • Transition Program and ESL English for HSC level through our Newcastle College
  • Christian values appropriate to all denominations
  • Personal skills' development
  • Leadership training and development of the whole person
  • Extensive sporting and cultural programs
  • Cross College resources sharing including networked library system from 3 colleges
  • Participation at regional and state level sporting activities
  • Strong reputation in the creative and performing arts
  • Well developed vocational education and training pathways to university


St Philip’s Christian College has a strong reputation of delivering quality education since it was founded in 1982. The International Student Program has been operating with great success since 1991.

Building on this success and our solid foundation in education, the addition of the International Student Program in Newcastle, Gosford and Port Stephens is adding a new dimension to the study opportunities available for our overseas students.