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Graeme Evans - Deputy CEO

Graeme's role is wide ranging in responsibility and leadership for the organisation and works closely with the CEO in a similar way that a Deputy Principal works with their Principal. Hence, from now on Graeme will use the title Deputy CEO.


Lea Rule - Executive Director of Narnia Early Learning

Given Lea’s current title ‘Head of Early Learning’ is not readily understood in the Early Childhood and School world her title will change to Executive Director of Narnia Early Learning. This is in keeping with the leader of each Narnia Centre being a Director.

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Samantha Van de Mortel - Principal of the Teaching School

With the continued expansion and influence of the Teaching School it became apparent that it was time to upgrade Samantha’s title. Samantha functions in the Teaching School in the same capacity as our Principals, so it was natural that her title move to Principal of the Teaching School.

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David Price - Director of Infrastructure Development

As the Director of Infrastructure Development David will contribute to the strategic leadership of the Foundation Office, and its interaction with and service to the Colleges and ELCs.

Jo Sunderland

Narnia Young Parents Local Hero

One of our Narnia staff from DALE Young Parents at Waratah has been nominated for a local hero award.

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Gosford Junior School Musical

The Junior School Musical at Gosford was a huge success

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Supporting our Young Parents

How can we support those in our organisation who need our help?


The Schooled Podcast

Staff members from our Newcastle School, Josh Irwin and Jamie Fahey have created The Schooled Podcast. A conversation about the relevance of Christian schooling in the current social fabric in which we find ourselves.

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Port Stephens Senior School Official Opening

Executive Principal, Graeme Irwin, recently had the privilege of opening the new Senior School precinct at our Port Stephens school

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Empowering 2019

An awesome gathering of over 600 students from across the region gathering in worship

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