2019 Spcc Dale Colour Run 51

For the Whole of Their Life.

Why St Philip's Christian College Dynamic Learning?

At St Philip's Christian College Dynamic Learning we endeavour to provide an enriching and liberating education; an education that not only teaches, but transcends the discipline of learning and the acquisition of competencies, to the acquiring of a deep sense of the greatness of life and learning.

Providing an enriching and liberating educational experience

St Philip's Christian College Dynamic Learning is leading the way in generating a shift in pedagogy and learning environments for students with Anxiety, Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Autism. We are empowering our students to learn in a way that compliments their individual learning style and we are providing them with opportunities to excel across every area of their education.

Nurture in the Christian faith is seen as vital to a student forming strong values, purpose and integrity. We provide the opportunity for our students to develop into the person that God has designed them to be. It is not only about academic achievement but also about preparing them for life within their family, within the community and within the work force.