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For the Whole of Their Life.

Vision and Values

St Philip's Christian College DALE aims to:

  • Provide a program that enables students to continue their education in an environment that is both flexible and supportive of their particular needs.
  • Maximise the employment and educational opportunities of students and enhance their life skills within the Christian community.
  • Support students in all areas of their lives, to enable them to discover their God purpose.

The Vision:
Changing lives by inspiring young people.

To create a DYNAMIC ALTERNATIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT where students love coming to school.

They love it because they:

  • Experience success in their learning
  • Feel valued and appreciated for who they are
  • Experience God’s unsurpassable love daily

Our Core Values

  1. Christ First - we want to honour Christ in all things.
  2. Serve One Another - we want to appreciate the unique God-given potential of each person.
  3. Strive for Excellence - we want to aim to do our very best all the time.
  4. Do what is right - we want to always behave in a Christian manner.
  5. Build Community - we want everyone to feel they belong.