For the Whole of Their Life.

Meet our Head of Campus

Welcome to DALE at Port Stephens.

I have been part of St Philip’s Christian College Port Stephens for the past 12 years in the Middle School, holding various positions within Stage 3 and Stage 4. I love the vision and mission of DALE and am excited to be part of re-establishing a DALE campus at Port Stephens.

This year I have seen first-hand the growth of young people who are thriving in the DALE setting. There is so much more to education than a grade on a report. It is my desire to see each child grow and develop into the person God had designed them to be. Through our structure at DALE, we aim to provide each child with a place where they feel loved, valued, and supported so they can realise their God given potential.

I look forward to the opportunity to welcome and introduce you to our team at DALE Port Stephens and what we provide for our students through our Dynamic Alternate Learning Environment.

Mr Peter Buchan

Head of Campus

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